Art Collection helps lecturers look with different perspective

Participants Traject Senior Lecturer Competence, get to know program, each other and the Art Collection

Last week, the new academic year started, and with it, a new cohort of teachers began the “Senior Teacher Competence” program (Senior Docent Bekwaamheid or SDB). In this training series, researcher, trainer, and friend of the Collection Wâtte Zijlstra, along with teacher trainer Karine Vinhuizen-Dekens, teach lecturers at THUAS how to elevate their teaching in an innovative way. To get to know each other and the program, they, along with curator of the Art Collection Johan Nieuwenhuize, took a route along the collection’s artworks.

In advance, the teachers were given the task of sharing something with the group based on one of the artworks from the collection. Art sheds a different light on the banality of the day and can help us see the world, our environment, and ourselves from a different perspective. To prepare for this, the teachers received the book ‘Just a Few Seconds.’

By exploring art together, the participants in the SDB program not only acquainted themselves with the art collection but also with each other and themselves.