Artful Business Creations x Kunstcollectie #1 “Unleashing creativity together”

Students of the minor Artful Business Creations, Create sculptures with bodies inspired by Michel François.

Applying the mindset, concepts, and approach of an artist to the challenges of the business world. That’s what students learn in the Artful Business Creations (ABC) minor offered at The Hague University of Applied Sciences. During a guest workshop, curator of the Art Collection Johan Nieuwenhuize challenged students to look at their environment, the building, and themselves in a different way through works from the collection.

What does a wall hear? What do people see when they briefly take you in? What influence does space have on your observation? Questions that introduced students to ‘Artistic Thinking.’ In the coming weeks, we will present the results of the workshop on our website!

This week, we showcase the students who took on ‘Coudes’ by Michel François; the assignment in the photo led to the text and accompanying photos below.

“Diverse Perspectives in Sculpture: Unleashing Creativity Together”

In our recent art project, our awesome team embarked on a creative journey, sculpting temporary masterpieces that conveyed a multitude of emotions. We experimented with using two, four, and six bodies, each assigned with vibrant colors, to bring our visions to life.

Throughout the process, we discovered the beauty of diversity in our group. Each of us brought a unique viewpoint and interpretation to the table. We also realized that our approaches to work and problem-solving varied greatly.

The culmination of our efforts left us all feeling fulfilled and proud. By embracing our diverse backgrounds, we were able to infuse our individuality into the sculptures and seamlessly merge them into a harmonious whole.

Our team’s distinct perspectives and creative approaches added a sprinkle of magic to our sculptures. Two bodies in fiery red exuded passion, while four bodies in calming blue symbolized unity. The six bodies, each adorned in a different color, created a vibrant tapestry of emotions that captivated the viewer.

Our diverse interpretations resulted in a captivating display, showcasing a wide range of emotions, from love to excitement. Above all, our project highlighted the incredible power of teamwork and unity, transforming our differences into a breathtaking work of art.

In conclusion, both in the realm of art and in life, diversity is a wellspring of strength. By embracing one another’s differences and working together harmoniously, we have the ability to create something truly beautiful, with the potential to positively impact others.