Faith in Human Rights exhibition

Faith in Human Rights, opened by city councilors

The exhibition ‘Faith in Human Rights’ was opened yesterday by The Hague city councilors Judith Klokkenburg (CU/SGP) and Caroline Verduin (D66). The city councilors did so by putting up their own protest sign.

The protest signs in the exhibition were made by students of the part-time/dual program Social Work. In doing so, they stand up for neglected rights of their clients and profession.
You can also see the posters that were made by students of the minor Peace Building Practitioner. In this way they show their involvement in various human rights themes.
The students of the minor made the signs under the supervision of graphic designer Welmer Keesmaat and our curator Johan Nieuwenhuize. The students of Social Work were guided in another workshop by Nieuwenhuize in collaboration with social work teachers.

Also featured is a poster campaign created by CMD student Shaah Kamuruko. In this she brings under the motto No Sugarcoating! everyday human rights issues in The Hague.

The exhibition can still be seen today and during the Faith in Human Rights festival tomorrow in the Atrium of The Hague University of Applied Sciences.
Do you also want to make a protest sign? Then join us at the Innovation Playground tomorrow, Thursday 8 December at 2:30 PM. The signs made there will be added to the exhibition.