Guns N’ Stressless

Aymeric Pochat, student Industrial Design Engineering, talking about Slash by Anton Corbijn

“I like rock music in general, so I can really identify with the portrait of Slash. It’s a really striking image. The hair-do is a big part of the photo. I am trying to discover who he really is, but that’s very difficult, because his eyes are almost invisible.
I think that even for someone who knows Guns N’ Roses really well, this photo will still be very mysterious. It goes hand in hand with the mythical image that Slash creates around himself as rocker, guitarist.
This sort of work should be hung where it can be seen, I never saw it for real before.

It is absolutely important to have art in your surroundings, it pulls me out of my worries about studying when I’m on my way to class or walking down the corridor on my way home.

I’ve seen a lot of the art here, but I never really register it. In one way or another, the art works are unobtrusively present, you only look at them very briefly, but in that moment, they take your stress away.”