Into the cirlce with Marcha van den Hurk

start a dialogue, and draw along with artist Marcha van den Hurk

Into the Circle is a participatory art project by visual artist Marcha van den Hurk.
All students and employees of The Hague University of Applied Sciences can participate!

You meet in the Atrium of THUAS at a round table where a large blank canvas is ready. While drawing and writing you respond in your own way to each other’s creative expressions and words. The trick is to work together, under the direction of Marcha, to ensure that everyone’s creative expression comes into its own and forms a whole.

Register here to ensure a spot. You can sign up for one or more days, from Monday to Thursday. It’s daily from 10am – 2pm, and Thursday until 12pm. It’s also fun if you participate for half an hour. It is up to you!

The festive unveiling will take place on Thursday September 22nd. This will take place at 13.00 in the Atrium. Free entry, no registration is required.






Socially engaged artist Marcha van den Hurk works with people from different backgrounds. Eleven years ago she started making collaboratively produced art. Van den Hurk developed the concept of dialogue drawing for Pauluskerk’s open studio in Rotterdam. People meet around a table where a large, empty sheet of paper or canvas is ready for them to draw, in text and image, what is on their minds.

The dialogue drawings have been exhibited in museums and exhibition spaces in the Netherlands and abroad.

As Marcha van den Hurk notes, “Every person has the talent of creating, an artist’s gift. However, not everyone sees themself in this way. My ambition is to bring out this hidden ability in collaborative projects. Everyone being creative.”