JUST A FEW SECONDS – art commission 2022

Participate, become part of the collection

The Hague University aims to add to its art collection with a new, up-to-date artwork which fits in with the existing collection as well as with the experiences of the community and in particular those of the students at The Hague University. The artist should expect to involve students in the production of the artwork, in such a way as fits their oeuvre, work methods and artistic concept.

Who can participate?
With this commission, the Hague University wishes to offer professional artists the opportunity to make new work which will become part of the permanent art collection of The Hague University. All artists living in the Netherlands who are working professionally, are cordially invited to take part.

How to apply?
In order to apply for the art commission we ask you to first visit the exhibition You and the Future, which shows the results from the JUST A FEW SECONDS participation project (see below). We would like you to base the outline of your ideas on what you find there, after that it’s up to you how you incorporate the information from the exhibition.

What do we mean by an outline of your ideas?
An outline of your ideas is a first impression with no budget attached., it should consist of maximum two A4s in which you outline your approach in relation to your oeuvre. We also request you send your resume and, if relevant, a link to your website and / or Instagram page. There is no remuneration available for the outline ideas. As participating artist you will – if you agree – receive a mention on the website of the art collection and your outline idea will be published there as a story. If you do not agree, this will not influence your chances of winning the commission.

How much budget is available for the realisation of the artwork?
At the close of the preliminary stage the selection commission will invite three artists to produce a design sketch. All three artists will receive a remuneration of €1,500, plus €500 for materials. Budget for the final art work assumes a maximum of €12,000 artist’s fee, plus €28,000 for the production costs. All the amounts named include VAT (btw).

What do the students’ experiences look like anyway?
In order to find the answer to this, and in order to involve a large group of the Hague University community early on in the trajectory of the new work of art, we carried out the participatory project JUST A FEW SECONDS. This project consists of three parts: The inspiration activities; the exhibition You and the Future; and the section Vote for New Art. The aim of JUST A FEW SECONDS is to involve students, both early in the process as well as during the whole trajectory of the art commission, and to give artists an idea of the student community and the students’ world.

We have developed three activities to investigate who that students is now, as well as asking students to give us their input in various ways. To stimulate student participation we chose activities whereby they were able to provide input easily and quickly – activities that are fun to participate in and which provide the students with something concrete.

The results of these activities have been converted into You and the Future – an exhibition which illustrates the students’ world. The result is a data set which consists of a mood board of photographs submitted by students; 140 question-cards about the future of students with their written answers; 140 photographic portraits; and three toilet cubicles which have been anonymously graffitied by students.

We offer this collection as inspiration to artists who wish to present an outline sketch to the art commission. At the same time, it also provides students with the possibility of revisiting their own photograph, quote and portrait.

How does the selection process work?
In response to the exhibition, artists produce an outline of their idea. This can be done via the application form which is available at the exhibition. Application closes on November 26th at 5pm.
The selection committee chooses three artists who will be asked to make a design sketch. These three design sketches will be exhibited in The Hague University. Students and staff members will be able to vote in ballot boxes. The artist who receives the most votes receives the art commission. The ballots also provide space to amplify on the reasons for their choice.

Does the artwork have to express a particular line of thought?
We have no particular preconceived theme in mind. You are free to choose the theme / and or subject of the work – as long as the work relates, in an interesting manner, to the students’ world.

To what extent should the work be made for, or fit into, a particular location?
The location will be decided together with you the artist. You can choose the location in the Hague University at Johanna Westerdijkplein 75 yourself, then we will determine if your choice falls within the possibilities.

What does the Hague University envisage as the minimal longevity of the artwork?
The work should be fit for exhibition for a minimum of 25 years. This may be achieved through periodic maintenance and possibly by replacing or restoring parts of the work.

To what extent should the work be low maintenance and vandal resistant?
We hope that you will take these issues into consideration from the start. A plan for maintenance of the work, and / or possible measures that may be required to protect the work against vandalism, will be made together with the art coordinator Annelies van Rosmalen.

Do you have a specific size, or particular materials in mind?
The artist determines the medium and the materials they want to use. The size of the artwork will pertain to the location they choose.

Who is in the selection commission?
The selection commission consists of employees and teachers at the Hague University, supplemented by art and participation advisors.

What are the core values of the art collection?
The collection is centred around a theme – the relationship between people and their built environment. In this relationship the emphasis sometimes can be on the human, as in a portrait, or on a building, such as the HSBC bank building in the Andres Gursky’s work, or on the extent that the digital environment influences people, such as in Johan Nieuwenhuize’s The Bubble. The building of The Hague University itself is also an important factor in this relationship – the works of art relate to the building in a way that can inspire its users or lead to surprising discoveries. Key values are: autonomy, originality, vision, daring and understanding others.

Which artists’ work is already in the collection of the Hague University?
The collection consists of modern and contemporary works by Andreas Gursky, Annemarie Bleeker, Anton Corbijn, Beat Streuli, Bertien van Manen, Carl de Keyzer,, Elspeth Diederix, Erica Uhlenbeck, Esther Kroon, Hans Aarsman, Hans van Bentem, Hans van der Meer, Henk Tas, Jan Adriaans, Jannes Linders, Johan Nieuwenhuize, John Hilliard, Lawrence Weiner, Liza May Post, Lon Robbé, Maarten Wetsema, Meta Scheltes, Mette Tronvoll, Michel François, Roland Schimmel, Shirin Neshat, Stephan Balkenhol, Stéphane Couturier, Teun Hocks, Theo Bos and Wijnanda Deroo.

There is also a collection of historic photographs by Alexandrine Tinne, Cas Oorthuys, Ed van Wijk, Erich Salomon, Fons Hellebrekers, Press Photo Bureau Stokvis, Frits Rotgans, Henri Berssenbrugge, Henk van der Horst and Nico Naeff.

How do you ensure good practice?
We endorse the Fair Practice Code, the Culture Governance Code and the Diversity & Inclusion Code, and we apply the Fair Practice Code. Remuneration is based on the artists’ fees guideline. We are very much looking forward to a fruitful and open cooperation.

To participate, visit the You and the Future exhibition in the exhibition space of The Hague University of Applied Sciences from October 14th to November 11th 2021.
The registration form is available at the exhibition.