Opening exposition ‘Voices of Change: Inspiring Action for Justice and Peace’

Students of the minor Peacebuilding, Justice, and Human Rights, exhibit posters and DigiTales to raise awareness for global issues

Voices of Change: Inspiring Action for Justice and Peace is an exhibition on human right issues displaying posters and DigiTales made by students of the Peacebuilding, Justice, and Human Rights minor. The project was realised in collaboration with the Art Collection of The Hague University of Applied Sciences.

The exhibition will be held from the 25th of april until the 1st of May at the Atrium of The Hague University of Applied Sciences. The opening will be on the 25th and will start at 10 am. The exhibition aims to create awareness around global issues that, as students, are close to our hearts and encourage viewers to engage in meaningful conversations about the world we live in. The exhibition will consist of two parts, each with its own perspective on the issues at hand.

The activist posters in the exhibition are the result of a series of art and graphic design workshops related to human rights and activism coached by artist Marcha van den Hurk, Johan Nieuwenhuize and graphic designer Welmer Keesmaat. The posters address topics ranging from climate change to human rights violations and serve as a visual call-to-action, inspiring us to create positive change in the world.

For the DigiTales on display the students use short films to tell stories about current human rights issues that are important to them. The topics range from social justice to sustainability.

We hope that this exhibition will start conversations and inspire action. We would like to invite you to take note of the students’ vision on human rights themes, and the way in which they create awareness and want to bring about positive change. Don’t miss this opportunity to see these remarkable student projects and engage with the pressing issues that affect us all.