Recap Art Lovers #1: guided tour by Roland Schimmel

If you love art, come join Art Lovers!

The first edition of the Art Lovers series started on Thursday, February 1st, with a guided tour by Roland Schimmel.

During the lunch break, participants received explanations about the impressive orange mural titled “Hope for Happiness.”

This remarkable artwork consists of pink, orange, and turquoise ovals and circles on a striking, towering orange background. Schimmel personally chose the location for this mural, where the elements of the buildings ‘Ovaal’ and ‘Strip’ converge. What makes the mural even more intriguing is the after-image effect that occurs when you gaze at it for a prolonged period; a second dimension of the painting emerges. The participating “art lovers” shared their experiences with this effect and listened attentively to Schimmel’s explanations and underlying thoughts.

Soon, other artists will also come to The Hague University of Applied Sciences to talk about their work. On March 7, the well-known Dutch photographer Rob Hornstra will be joining the upcoming edition of Art Lovers!

Feel free to register through the link provided below this message; everyone is welcome!

Art Lovers is a program by The Lighthouse.