Recap Art Lovers #2: Interview with Rob Hornstra

Do you enjoy discussing art, come join Art Lovers on April 11th!

At the second edition of the Art Lover series, the renowned Dutch photographer Rob Hornstra visited us to engage in a conversation with Johan Nieuwenhuize, artist and advisor to our art collection, about his impressive projects.

Rob Hornstra is a socially engaged photographer who aims to make invisible people stand out through his art. He does not shy away from controversy and has undertaken documentary projects about Russian people, extensively traveling throughout Russia for this purpose.

During the interview in the Speakers Corner, the situation in Russia and Hornstra’s perspective on it were discussed. He also talked about his current project, “The Europeans,” where Hornstra, along with filmmaker Arnold van Bruggen, embarks on a 10-year journey across Europe to capture Europeans during challenging times.

Art Lovers in the audience enthusiastically posed questions about Hornstra’s work. Afterward, attendees engaged in post-event discussions over drinks.

Furthermore, Hornstra’s exhibition “Ordinary People” can be viewed at the Fotomuseum Den Haag until March 17.

Soon, other artists will visit The Hague University of Applied Sciences to share insights into their work. On April 11, you can participate in a discussion with Van der Kooy and Chekachkov about creativity in times of war at the upcoming edition of Art Lovers. Registration is available through the link below this message; everyone is welcome!

Art Lovers is a program by The Lighthouse.