Recap presentation new artwork Bram de Jonghe

Bram de Jonghe, presents new artworks 'Sealed Rain' and 'Mussel Works'

A dataset consisting of 140 portraits, hundreds of quotes and a few fully inscribed toilet cubicles formed the inspiration for Bram de Jonghe’s new artwork, which recently went on display in the main building of The Hague University of Applied Sciences. Students at THUAS massively voted for the Flemish artist’s artwork proposal for the art commission ‘JUST A FEW SECONDS.’ On Thursday, 16 February, ‘Mussel Works’ and ‘Sealed Rain’ were officially presented to students, teachers and interested parties.

The afternoon began with speeches by Annelies van Rosmalen, Programme Manager of The Lighthouse and Coordinator/Advisor for Art and Elisabeth Minnemann, Chair of the Executive Board, both emphasized the function and importance of art for those who use the building. In passing by one of the works, the daily rut is broken and an opening forms; in this opening, a conversation can arise, an approach can be sought with another person; the work breaks one’s own perception.

This is also what Bram de Jonghe intends with his work; the absurdist mussels and umbrellas that can now be found throughout the main building where they surprise and open up a conversation or ask the individual a question. In conversation with Johan Nieuwenhuize, curator of the Art Collection, Bram talked about his working method, the process of creating the work and the conversations he had with students during its creation. After the formal part, Bram took visitors through the building to view some of the 100 mussels and 10 British umbrellas, there was an opportunity for questions and Bram explained his artistic choices. The afternoon ended over drinks and -how could it be otherwise- mussels.

‘Sealed Rain’ and ‘Mussel Works’ are a permanent part of The Hague University of Applied Sciences’ building and art collection and on display now.

Text: Matthijs Damsteeg

Photo’s: Anton van der Riet