The start of a circle

With Marcha van den Hurk, artist

Today artist Marcha van den Hurk started her participatory art project “Into the Circle” as part of the Lighthouse Festival, in the atrium of The Hague University of Applied Sciences.
For her project Van den Hurk is making a so called “Dialogue Drawing”. The nature of these drawings is simple. No more than a piece of canvas and a pen are required. And of course a good talk.

Students are enthousiastic, the project is catching on. More than a hundred people have already participated in the project today. Some sit at the table for a few minutes, others for half an hour or longer.
Meanwhile, the “Dialogue Drawing” is getting filled more and more. The character of the drawing is also changing constantly, tomorrow Van den Hurk will be working with different techniques than today.

Students can join until 12:00 next Thursday, after which the end result will be presented at 13:00.


Photos by Johan Nieuwenhuize